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3 ways to fix your tumble dryer

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There are number of issues you might have with your tumble dryer, we have picked out the top 3 common faults and how to fix them below.

Please make sure you follow these instructions fully. If you have any problems with carrying out this maintenance, please contact us.

There may be several features of a dryers normal operation that might make it turn off. Always check the user manual for details on your specific dyer, but this guide will give you some general advice.

My dryer switches off after a few minutes of use

The first step is to check size of the load

If you are drying a very small load or perhaps one item on is own, it is better to use one of the ‘time’ drying programs (if your appliance has these). The ‘auto sense’ cycles are designed to offer an efficient drying solution for larger loads and the machine may switch off after a few minutes if a light load or just one thing is in the drum on an auto sense type of drying cycle.

Some dryers may switch off to protect the appliance if the lint filter, or its housing, is badly blocked

Check the filter found in the door recess and remove any fluff build up.

A blocked condenser or full water-collecting tank may make a condenser dryer stop

  • Remove the lower cover to reveal the condenser. The water-collecting tank is normally at the top of the dryer and is removed by pulling the unit out of the dryer.
  • Remove the condenser by turning the clips and pulling it out. Wash out all of the fluff build up by flushing water through the slots in the condenser under a tap until all of the fluff has been washed out.
  • Remove the water-collecting tank and empty it into the sink.
  • Check the valve on the end of the water-collecting tank has not become blocked-up.

There is no power to my dryer

First step is to confirm that there are no lights on the dryer, including the display screen or buttons, then follow the below steps:

  1. Check that you have power switched on to the machine from the mains.
  2. Check that the power, start or on/off button is switched on and the door has been firmly closed.
  3. If your dryerʼs power is controlled by the program dial knob (so that the dryer switches on when selecting a drying cycle), try selecting a cycle.
  4. Check the plug and lead for any damage.
  5. Try another electrical appliance in the socket to check that it works.
  6. Take a fuse (of the same rating: 13A) from something else that is working (for example a kettle or toaster). Insert this fuse into the plug and try again.

Noisy tumble dryer

If your tumble dryer is making a noise when it is in use, you’ll first need to decipher the type of noise it is making and what else is happening when your appliance is making the noise. Is it squealing/squeaking, rumbling or humming?

  • Constant squealing – if your tumble dryer is making a constant squealing noise as the drum rotates, then it could be due to the belt tension pulley experiencing wear. The noise will get progressively worse as the pulley wears, and this can result in damage being caused to the belt.In such a situation, we recommend you first confirm the belt tension pulley is the reason for the squealing noise, and if so you’ll need to replace the part.
  • Squeak every few seconds as the drum rotates – the probable cause of such a sound is the drum pivot bearing becoming worn. A clear sign this is the case is a black graphite type dust on the bearing. If wear and tear of this part is found, you’ll need to replace the bearing.
  • Rumbling sound as the drum rotates – the common reason for a rumbling sound coming as your tumble dryer’s drum rotates is the support wheels have gone out of shape. We recommend testing this, by manually rotating the drum slowly, and if you feel a regular bump you’ll need to check and replace the support wheels.
  • Loud droning or vibration – if there’s a loud droning or vibration from the tumble dryer but it is tumbling correctly the fan in your drum may have become distorted and gone off balance. In such a case, the fan will need to be replaced. (It’s worth noting this is only applicable to condenser tumble dryers).

If there’s a loud humming noise and no drum rotation, you may have a seized drum. Check this by manually rotating the drum, if it rotates as it should, check the motor or capacitor as these may have become faulty – if they have, replace them.

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