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Stay active during COVID-19

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Written by Jane Enright

Senior Brand Manager

COVID - 19 Keeping active during isolation

Social isolation has been a challenge for those who love to keep active, with gyms closed still, people have found new enjoyable ways to work out at home.

Lots of gyms quickly converted to providing live workouts across social and video channels, and most are offering this service for free. For those adverse to exercise, being cooped up at home watching Netflix might be a dream!  But exercising will strengthen your immune system, improve your mental health, and make you feel better during this difficult time.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is something for everyone to get you up and moving.  Here are some of our favourites…

1. Joe Wicks

The King of the home workout, Joe was quick to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and started daily PE Lessons, which are great for both children and their parents!


2. Keep on running

One of the staples of exercise is running and whilst some of us are restricted to where we can go, it is a great way to get both your steps in and help you to keep active and clear your mind. 

3. Morning Exercise - start the day right

Strava’s Why We Run – a huge survey carried out on its runners across the globe in 2020 – reported that 48% of its subscribers ran in the morning, and it’s easy to see why the early bird catches the worm.

Starting your day with a run gives you the opportunity to plan your day in your mind, kick starts the body and mind and provides you with an energy boost that can really fire you up.

With many events cancelled, it might sound easier to give up but there are lots of challenges to keep you going over the next few months and all for great causes.


4. The Home Gym

If running isn’t for you, there are lots of other options too that don’t require lots of equipment or cost.  If you want to sweat it out to a HIIT class or find inner calm with Yoga, then we have some great recommendations for you.

  • Alice Living – Alice is a constant ray of sunshine and delivers great fitness content daily on Instagram. You don’t need lots of equipment and she covers off a range of activities catered for all levels of fitness.
  • lululemon – originally creating yoga pants, Lululemon have grown into a huge fitness community and have been providing lots of great yoga content for a long time.  They will have you mastering a downward dog in no time.
  • Barrys Bootcamp - Hailed as being the best workout in the world, Barry's are now hosting daily sessions on Instagram.  Prepare to get sweaty

For more tips on what to do during lockdown, read our blog about working from home and how to keep focused.

"We’re a mindful movement that believes if we push past our sweaty boundaries, we’re able to build the strength to push ourselves in other aspects of life."