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Use your tumble dryer more for less this winter

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Throughout winter, many of us will be relying on tumble dryers to keep our days, weeks and months running the way they should. From drying school uniforms to getting the bedding nice and toasty for cosy nights at home, turning to the tumble dryer is a necessity – but has it come at a bad time? 

With the energy crisis already making many households face tough decisions and rising bills, you might think the added cost from running the dryer is one expense you can cut but, with the right tumble dryer tips, you don’t have to ice out your tumble dryer to keep your bills lower. Here’s all you need to know about using your tumble dryer more efficiently this winter…

The best place to start is to explore the urban legends and word-of-mouth wisdom that pops up when it comes to using your dryer.

 It’s not just how much you use it, or how full you fill your dryer which can impact its efficiency. Like with anything, a bit of TLC can make all the difference in keeping it working to the best of its ability.

The truth is, tumble dryers can help you streamline your life and keep your household running. In winter, bills go up. That’s a fact of life. But with the right bit of planning, you can manage the costs. 

Not only will these tips help you keep the costs of running a dryer lower, you will still get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes from using your dryer.