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Working from home - Our top five tips

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Written by Jane Enright

Senior Brand Manager

1. Get Dressed

This might seem quite straightforward, but for some staying in their pyjamas all day is quite an enticing prospect.  But getting up, showered and ready for the day helps to get you off to the best possible start and will psychologically prepare you for work.

Whether this needs to be smart, depends on what job you have? If business attire is the the norm and what you are used to, then sticking to this should help your routine.   Whatever you chose to wear; it needs to work for you.

Top tip: Once you have finished work, change out of your work clothes to disengage from the working day.

2. Keep your daily working hours

One of the benefits of working from home is not having to do the dreaded commute.  Whether that means being crammed into an overcrowded train or stuck on the motorway; walking a few hundred feet to your desk is definitely a bonus. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is your working boundaries, and how many hours you work a day.  It is quite tempting to get stuck in and forget your morning yoga, run or just to catch up on the news. But keeping to your daily schedule is really important, just because you do not have to commute, does not mean that this needs to be traded for more time at your desk.

Another key tip, is resisting the urge to stay up late, keeping to your normal sleeping pattern is vital whilst working from home.  Getting enough sleep, having your gym kit prepared so you are ready to go in the morning!

Top tip:  At the end of the working day, tidy away your laptop, switch off your phone and clear your work area so you can relax into your evening.

3. Stay active

Whilst working from home and missing the activity of a commute, lunchtime gym class or afternoon walk shouldn’t mean that you stay in cooped up indoors all day.  Scheduling time to get out and mobile helps clears the mind and provides a different perspective to some mental blockers you might be experiencing.  If you are working from home alone, it is also good to see other people out on a walk whilst keeping within government guidelines.

There are number of benefits of keeping active during this extended period of being at home, including helping to sleep better, ability to focus and clearing your mind.

For more information, hints and tips please take a look at some great information from NHS England. 

Top tip: Take a walk and call a friend, whilst you can’t be together it will give you a spring in your step.

4. Embrace new technology

There are multitude of ways to stay in contact now, with the current situation providing more and more opportunities to connect with friends and relatives around the world.  Whilst video chat might fill some of us with dread, it really is a great way of staying in contact and lifting potential feelings of isolation, if you are working at home alone.

From FaceTime to Skype – there are so many different apps to chat, socialise and even host a quiz.  Turn social distancing into social socialising with the some of the best apps in the market.

Top Tip:  Organise a catch up with friends on a video call for the same time each week, as you would outside of social isolation.

5. Take a break

Keeping to a routine is important when working from home, especially for long periods of time however it is really important to take regular breaks.  If you find yourself in a mid-morning slump, or struggling to focus on the task at hand, then it is time to take some time out.  

Missing co-worker camaraderie?  Schedule in a coffee on video chat with our favourite colleagues, catching up on the water cooler chat.  Sharing your thoughts and feelings on the current situation will lift your spirits and seeing a happy face will make you smile.

Top Tip: Set a reminder to take a break throughout the day.

"Organise a catch up with friends on a video call for the same time each week, as you would outside of social isolation."