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Be winter ready

The colder months have arrived, and we’re here to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your house warm.

With a few preventative steps, you can help reduce the likelihood of your boiler or appliances packing in just when you need them the most.

Look around and find home heating tips and articles, from boiler troubleshooting to how to bleed your radiators.

Our top 5 tips for winter heating

Here are a few things that you can easily try to do yourself if your boiler breaks down before you book an engineer visit. 

Using your tumble dryer more, for less this winter

Throughout winter, many of us will be relying on tumble dryers to keep our days, weeks and months running the way they should. From drying school uniforms to getting the bedding nice and toasty for cosy nights at home, turning to the tumble dryer is a necessity – but has it come at a bad time? 

With the energy crisis already making many households face tough decisions and rising bills, you might think the added cost from running the dryer is one expense you can cut but, with the right tumble dryer tips, you don’t have to ice out your tumble dryer to keep your bills lower.

Here’s all you need to know about using your tumble dryer more efficiently this winter… 

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How to keep your house warm this winter

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Top tips for keeping the heat in and the cold out

While the lifespan of the average boiler is 12 years, it’s important to maintain it regularly to ensure maximum longevity. If your boiler and central heating system are working efficiently you’ll use less fuel and will benefit from lower heating bills.

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Be winter ready

Our maintenance portal is full of step by step guides and handy tips to keep your boiler running smoothly. 

Click the link where you will find information specific to your boiler make.

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Radiator troubleshooting advice

Living in a country notorious for rain and unreliable weather, hanging the laundry out in the sunshine is not an option. That's why for many households, the trusty tumble dryer is useful, practical and convenient. 

But for all the warmth – literally and figuratively – a tumble dryer brings to a home, the potential cost of running one regularly might dampen the spirits somewhat. Click the link to find out more

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How to save energy at home and still stay cosy

This is the time of the year where we rely on our boiler and certain appliances more than usual. So, we’re sharing some tips on how to make your home more energy efficient. We’ve also thrown in a few ways to be kinder to the planet throughout the colder months.

The changes we’re suggesting are so small, you’ll forget you’ve made them – that is until you check your bills!

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